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Mary Beth Eversole

Welcome to my world of music and acting! I'm a teacher and professional performer of voice, piano, and acting.
I have been performing since the age of 3 on stage and, later, on-camera as well. 
I believe the world needs art, people who practice art, and humans who love to tell stories through their art. 
I also believe a lot of people don’t pursue taking lessons because they are too scared or don’t think they’d be good at it. 
One of my goals in my studio, is to help students realize their own potential, no matter what level they are at, and find the joy in creating and collaborating while learning how to work through the pitfalls of live practicing, performing, and nerves. 

When I lost my voice for a year due to an undiagnosed autoimmune disorder, I was devastated. Not only did I lose my budding career as an opera singer, but I also lost all confidence in myself as a performer. This spilled over into all of my artistic pursuits and made it so I could barely take a lesson with my own mentors without fear, anxiety, and frustration.


It took a lot of learning, figuring out who I was and how I could still get my voice heard as an artist while learning how to use my abilities in a different way to finally get to a place where I felt I could perform again for myself, a teacher, or anyone else in any of my instruments. 

One of the things that helped me most was continuing to teach my students, especially those with performance anxiety. I've been teaching one on one  lessons for close to 21 years and my studio is a beacon for those who suffer from nerves and performance trauma as well as beginners seeking to learn something new, and those returning to their art form after an extended break.
Through my personal experience with learning how to overcome performance anxiety and working with students who dealt with it too, I developed a method to build a toolkit of performance anxiety skills while incorporating this toolkit into practicing the basics of your instrument. My students have benefited from this method for years and I love teaching all ages and levels of students to learn to love their instrument and use their artistic voices to tell their stories and have fun while doing it! 

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