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  • What services do I offer?
    Individual Voice lessons- all levels, age 8 and up Individual Piano lessons- all levels, age 5 and up Individual Acting lessons- all ages Individual Voiceover coaching- for beginners-professionals in commercial, animation, and industrial
  • How can a student book a class?
    You can book a 30-minute trial lesson or sign up for a package of lessons by contacting the studio via email at or calling/texting 970-290-9871.
  • Do I provide full half-hour voice lessons to students below 8 years old?
    Voice lessons require a lot of technical ability that very young voices often are not ready to handle. Therefore I do not start full half hour voice lessons until age 8. I encourage younger students to begin with piano, where we will sing along with what is being played, and to get involved with a children's choir or kindermusik group that is age appropriate.
  • What online platforms do I use for online classes? What devices should students use during the online class?
    The main online platform used in this studio is Rock Out Loud, but Skype or Facetime are used as alternatives if Rock Out Loud does not work for you. You need a decent device (iPad/tablet, iPhone/android, computer/laptop), a decent internet connection, and a keyboard of some kind if you are doing piano lessons! To get the very best audio with the Rock Out Loud platform (with little to no lag time), you must use Google Chrome internet browser on a computer and wear a set of WIRED headphones with NO microphone attached. The sound quality is still very good without headphones if this is not an available option. If you use a smartphone or tablet for lessons you will need to download the Rock Out Loud app onto your device. WIRED earbuds with no microphone will help enhance the audio quality on your mobile devices but are not required if they are not available to you. Singers will need two devices, one to video call from and one to play music tracks from.
  • What is my typical Process working with a new student?
    In the first lesson, I always talk a little about goals with the student to find out what they are most interested in taking away from lessons. Then I introduce posture, breathing, and some warm ups or how to orient oneself with their instrument. If the student is more advanced, I have them bring a piece they recently worked on and observe as they play, sing, or act. From there I will give my notes on that piece and then we will discuss any fundamental issues that may need to be addressed as well as pick new pieces or assign new scenes/monologues. In acting sessions, I will begin with some fun body warm ups (your body is your instrument!) and then go into teaching the S.M.T. method (a memorization technique for acting I am certified in) right away. The first few lessons will be about learning this method and then putting it into practice. All students will be expected to purchase books or sheet music to bring to each lesson. We will determine which books and repertoire in this first lesson and on an as needed basis as lessons continue. My studio has an open door policy. It takes awhile to learn about each other and how we work together so I always encourage a student to try at least 1 month of lessons before deciding whether it is for them or not. As we are learning what pace is best for the student, I encourage students to bring questions and always let me know if they feel I am moving too fast or too slow with assigning pieces and working on concepts. Lessons for beginners can feel overwhelming, so come in with an open mind and a willingness to put in the work outside of lessons with practice time. Also, come with an understanding that not all concepts will be mastered right away. Learning an instrument or learning the S.M.T. Method, just like learning a language or learning how to work out, is a process.
  • What education and/or training do I have that relates to my work as a coach?
    I have owned and operated my own music and acting studio since 2002. I have also taught group and individual lessons at other studios as an independent contractor multiple times throughout my teaching career. I have created multiple workshops and courses that other studios hire me to teach as a guest artist. I have a Bachelor of Music in voice performance and theater from the University of Missouri-Kansas City Conservatory of Music. I have a Master of Music in Kodaly Music Education and studied Opera Theater Performance at Colorado State University. I am certified in the Somatic Memorization Technique (S.M.T.) created by David Dalton and Chad Schnackel from Mocksides Studios in Denver, CO. I lived, studied, and worked as an actress and musician in Los Angeles, CA for 6 years, learning from the best of the best in the industry. I still work my craft with an acting studio in Denver and remotely with an acting studio in LA and take workshops and go to conferences whenever possible to stay current on my instruments. I am consistently booking film, television, and voiceover, and am consistently performing and auditioning in all fields that I teach. I also stay connected through teachers' organizations and unions such as MTAC, MTNA, and SAG-AFTRA.
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