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The Eversole

Music and Acting Studio

Our Music & Acting Training: 
Individual lessons 

Whether you're a seasoned actor or just starting out, our individual acting lessons can help you develop your skills and techniques. Mary Beth provides personalized instruction to help you improve your acting abilities, scene work, and audition preparation. Plus, our online lessons make it easy to fit acting practice into your busy schedule!

Do you want to take your voiceover skills to the next level? Mary Beth's individual voiceover coaching is designed to help you develop your abilities and achieve your goals. She provides personalized instruction to help you improve your delivery, tone, and range, so you can stand out in the competitive world of voiceover work. Plus, her online coaching sessions are convenient and easy to fit into your busy schedule!

Are you ready to tickle the ivories like a pro? Our individual piano lessons are designed to help students of all ages and skill levels learn how to play the piano. Mary Beth provides personalized instruction to help you develop your piano skills and musical knowledge. Plus, our online lessons make it easy to learn from the comfort of your own home, in your pajamas if you want!

Mary Beth's individual voice lessons are the perfect way to develop your vocal range, power, and performance skills. Mary Beth provides personalized instruction to help you achieve your singing goals and build your confidence. Plus, her online lessons are super convenient and easy to fit into your busy schedule!


Our Studio

Welcome to The Eversole Music and Acting Studio, the perfect place to develop your musical and acting talents! Our studio offers individual lessons in voice, piano, voiceover, and acting, all tailored to your unique goals and abilities. Our experienced instructor, Mary Beth, provides a personalized experience to help you grow your skills and confidence. Whether you're just starting out or looking to take your talents to the next level, Mary Beth's studio is the perfect place to learn and grow.

Our Alumni


At our music and acting studio, we're passionate about helping our students grow and achieve their goals. We're thrilled to have worked with so many amazing and talented individuals. Their testimonials speak to the pleasure we take in working with them and the results we help them achieve. 

We invite you to read their stories and see why they love working with us!

Jeannette Hoffman

"As an adult student relearning the piano after decades, I’ve enjoyed the 10-year (I think!) journey with Mary Beth very much and have been delighted at how well the process has worked both in person AND on Skype!  Who would have thought?!
She’s encouraging—always pointing out the good aspects of one’s performance and suggesting many tips to help overcome technical difficulties.  She accommodates my tastes in the pieces I am interested in pursuing—short and long, popular and classical.  At every lesson she makes notes I can refer back to for points to work on for next time.  I highly recommend her as a teacher."

Anita Pace

"My twins have been taking piano and singing with Eversole Studio, Mary Beth for over 5 years.   Our experience has been amazing and they are engaged and practice on their own without issues.  Mary Beth is sensitive to their different learning abilities and capacity.   She documents every lesson notes so kids can review between lessons.   The kids have passed two Certificate of Merits.   We highly recommend workng with her and it makes no difference in terms of our kids ability to learn on zoom or live.  She keeps it fresh and relevant and expresses the importance of being detailed and regular practice to the kids.   It works!   We love her!"

Steph Wall

"I love the acting classes I take at Eversole Music and Acting! They do an amazing job helping experienced as well as unexperienced actors uncover their best performances while also making classes super fun! The personalized attention is so beneficial to building my skill set and to challenging my comfort zones in all the right ways! Thank you!!!"

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