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Summer 2021!

Posted by Mary Beth Eversole on July 20, 2021 at 6:10 PM

My goodness what a year and a half it has been! We have made it through what is hopefully the worst of the pandemic and recession and are starting to finally get out and travel and look to future endeavors! 

For the studio, this means some exciting new things!

I will continue offering in-person (Northern Colorado) and online (worldwide) one on one lessons in voice, piano, and acting OF COURSE! 

I will also be looking to do a few group acting classes, specifically the Business of Acting, sometime this fall or early winter so be on the lookout for that info. 

The most exciting thing is I am creating three online "container" courses (meaning a one time purchase of the course which will consist of several teaching videos that you can take at your own pace) for voice, piano, and acting! These courses will be for those of you who may not be ready to start private lessons yet and want to build a little confidence and some base knowledge before you jump into one on one lessons with a teacher. They will focus on basic fundamentals in each instrument along with learning how to manage performance anxiety and nerves. Be looking for the launch of those courses in late August/early September! These are great courses for total older beginners (tweens and up) or students who are looking to review basic technique (like scales, chords, arpeggios, warm ups, breathing, simple improv exercises) while picking up a few tips on how to deal with fear and nerves surrounding playing/singing/acting in front of a teacher or performing in front of an audience. 

Please pass the word about these courses! Pricing and a link to the courses will be listed on the website once they launch via the SamCart platform. 

Next recital: HALLOWEEN!! Whoo Hoo!! For Los Angeles, my flights are booked and I plan to be there from October 21st-28th. I was planning to do a large group recital, but for safety measures, I will be doing in-person, in-lesson individual recitals for each student. This means I'll travel to your home during that week for your lesson time and you will perform your halloween themed songs for invited guests and me!

Colorado students, you will do a Halloween themed in-lesson recital as well at my studio or online if you wish! No big groups still this year unfortunately, just to be on the safe side:-/ However, we will have SO much fun! Treat bags will be given out and refreshments will be served at my home studio for those who come in-person to my studio. For those in LA, if you wish to do refreshments during your recital, by all means please do! 

Students outside of the LA and Northern CO regions: We will do in-lesson recitals on Zoom or Skype. You are welcome to invite as many people as you wish to attend online! A treat bag will be mailed to those who participate:-)

Costumes are HIGHLY encouraged! 

Certifiacate of Merit through MTAC: Those LA students wishing to do CM this year, it is fully online from now on so it will be much like it was this past year. You will video tape all of your performances and take the tests online. We will be picking music and starting studies for this in late August. Please let me know if you wish to participate as soon as you can!

Student Achievement Day through FCMTA: Students who wish to participate in this event can reach out to me and I will give you more details as I get them. Often STAD is in February or March. They have not set the date yet this year. 

That's all for now folks! See you in your lessons:-)

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